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Agribusiness in the classroom – Thinking Forward (part 1) -

Agribusiness in the classroom – Thinking Forward (part 2) -

Agribusiness in the classroom – Thinking Forward (part 2) -

Here is the link to the Campbell Tyson series Thinking Forward videos.  There are 24 in total. They are really good.

Series ONE. 

Episode 1: Educating for Agribusiness

With a growing demand for skilled workers in the primary industries, St Paul’s Collegiate School teamed up with DairyNZBeef+LambNZ and eleven primary sector organisations to create New Zealand’s first Agribusiness curriculum for secondary school students.  Agribusiness at St Paul’s includes a study of topics in plant science, soil science, food science, microbiology, agri-management and finance, economics, digital technologies, agri-innovations, agri-marketing, primary production processes, future proofing, growing value and international trade.  This academic course exposes St Paul’s students to the wide range of skills required and the opportunities available in the primary sector up to and beyond the farm gate. It is offered at NCEA Levels 2 and 3 and has been designed for students who excel in science and commerce. It is taught under four strands: Agri-science, Agri-marketing, Agri-management and finance and Agri-innovation.

Episode 2: Innovative and Sustainable Dairying

We visit an environmentally friendly dairy farm in the Waipa district and find out that big does not have to mean bad! This farm is producing 500kg per cow while breaking or outperforming traditional norms. They have also been nominated for an Environment Award.

Episode 3: Agrisea

Agrisea was started 19 years ago by Jill Bradley and husband Keith. It is a family–run business that produces seaweed fertilizer products for agriculture and horticulture. It is one of New Zealand’s top ten Green companies and has won numerous awards for innovation and sustainability. Agrisea has been funding its own research for the last seven years and has collected and analysed the most data ever collected about New Zealand seaweed species.

Episode 4: Haunui Farm

Haunui Farm has been readily recognised as one of New Zealand’s finest thoroughbred nurseries. It was established 58 years ago and has been in the Chitty family now for three generations, with a proven record of excellent animal husbandry and rewarding sale-ring results. We meet Mark Chitty, the current generation and find out what he has done to continue the success of Haunui in a challenging industry.

Episode 5: The Tractor Centre

The irrepressible Geoff Shuker runs The Tractor Centre in Pukekohe and has several other businesses in his portfolio. His farm background and his remarkable attention to business detail have made him a successful entrepreneur. We ask him how he does it!

Episode 6: Curious Croppers

We meet a daring couple who were forced to look beyond growing cherry tomatoes for supermarkets and have created a successful niche market of ‘cranky and curious’ crops, selling to chefs, restaurants as well as specialty retail outlets.

Episode 7: Biocosmo

We find out how an unlikely pairing between a department store owner and a scientist resulted in an innovative and eco-friendly solution to processing food waste. With local councils revising their landfill regulations, BioCosmo could be the beginning of a green option for restaurants and farmers alike.

Episode 8: Happy Valley Honey

The buzz around honey has never been so loud or strong as it is right now – and making a beeline to a successful rural business is this week’s featured enterprise: the aptly named Happy Valley Honey. We find out how their produce and export market has meant radical changes.


Episode 9: Frenz Eggs

This week we are looking at a small business that started life in the back of a Holden and is now a world-leader. Rob Darby has grown a small local enterprise into an international business which has huge brand recognition and is totally trusted by its customer-base. How has he done it?

Episode 10: A Boutique Dairy Farm

As the dairy industry grows, so do the farms. Syndicates, overseas businesses, and joint family ventures are continuing to super-size our dairy farms, bringing super-sized challenges as well as profits. Take a look at the ‘boutique’ end of the industry – on a farm just outside of Patumahoe run by Wendy Clark.

Episode 11: Living Walls

The plant and flower nursery business can be a real toughie, with changing trends and cheap imports making it difficult for local growers to compete. This week we are at Twining Valley Nurseries in Mangatawhiri where an enterprising couple have turned from being price-takers to price setters – this is Living Walls.

Episode 12: The Icehouse

Over the last 11 weeks we have visited a variety of agribusinesses and noticed several common themes. They include, in no particular order, the necessity of planning, of having a mentor or advisors, establishing a niche and knowing the need you satisfy for your customers or the industry. Business is lonely and it can be hard to see the big picture. Many owner managers do not know where to go to find help and advice they can trust. But one NZ organization has stood out again and again for us – and for our final programme in the series we decided to visit them. They are The Icehouse.

Series TWO.

Episode 1: Dung Beetle Innovations

As the industry grows, farmland usage is being intensified. Over 100 million tonnes of cattle, sheep and horse dung pile up every year. The run-off is steadily degrading our waterways, while the residual mess is infecting our animals and impoverishing our pastures. The solution is right under our feet:  Dung beetles offer a remarkable natural sustainable solution to revitalise our soils and pastures and can rehabilitate New Zealand’s waterways in as little as 23 years – if we act now.

Episode 2: Seed Solutions

New Seed Solutions is a New Zealand based company offering services to Northern Hemisphere maize and sweetcorn companies.  New Seed Solutions was formed in 1996.

Episode 3: Waitomo Petroleum

Since 1947, the 100-percent Kiwi, family-owned and operated business has been fuelling Kiwis across New Zealand. Whether you own a business, or just need to fuel up your vehicle, Waitomo Petroleum has the solution for you. Based in the heart of the Waikato in Hamilton, we operate more than 65 Fuel Stops and Diesel Stops stretching from Paihia to Dunedin. As market disruptors, they deliver competition and choice to Kiwi motorists.

Episode 4: Equibreed

Waikato company EquiBreed NZ have made history with the birth of New Zealand’s first foal produced by an in vitro fertility treatment using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).  Company principal Dr Lee Morris says it is a watershed moment for both EquiBreed and New Zealand. “The ability to produce foals using this fertility treatment puts New Zealand on the world stage. Now it will be possible to breed horses using a single sperm cell and to culture the embryos in the laboratory until they are ready for transfer.”

Episode 5: Retro Organics

Retro Organics are handcrafters of a unique range of boutique dairy products with a vision to replicate the 'good old days-style’ of natural food. All Retro Organics products are made on the Tuturau Family Farm in Southland and include chemical-free cheeses, yoghurts, and milk, as well as their innovative lactose-free yoghurt and milk range.  Products are available at various stockists throughout New Zealand.  Retro Organics use their own Jersey cows, creating products that are naturally creamier in taste, with all processing and packaging done on the farm by hand, with care.  Retro Organics is a family-run business that takes pride in delivering quality, flavoursome dairy products that are ‘honest to nature’s goodness’.

Episode 6: Rockit Apples

Meet Rockit™ apples, the energy-packed tasty snack for when you are on the go. Packed into recyclable tubes, they are healthy, natural, and perfect for busy lives – in the car, at sport, at your desk or at school.  Crisp, sweet, and delicious, miniature Rockit™ apples are loved all over the world.  Sold fresh in more than 30 countries, grown globally to exacting standards so that Rockit™ apples are available all year round.  Rockit™ apples are a natural hybrid of New Zealand’s popular Gala and Gala x Splendour apples. Fully mature but uniquely small, the world’s first miniature apple is the delicious result of 20 years of careful natural breeding. Decades of New Zealand innovation have gone into every Rockit™ apple.  Convenience wins when you want an on-the-go snack, so healthy goodness is packed into each Rockit™ apples in handy 100% recyclable and resealable tubes so you can enjoy a Rockit™ apple anytime, anywhere.

Episode 7: Dairy Goat Co-Operative

Dairy Goat Co-operative is owned by 71 goat farmers whose farms are in some of New Zealand’s richest pastures. At the farms, are feeding the goats breakfast, lunch and dinner, and milking at day’s break and day’s end. There is lots to do. At the factory there are around 200 people making sure the goats’ milk gets treated right and makes its way safely to all the corners of the world we export to.  The plant was built from scratch and every part has been designed just to make goats’ milk infant formula.

Episode 8: NZ Performance Horses

New Zealand Performance Horses (NZPH) was founded in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in 1995 by David & Brigit Kirk and Warwick and Juliet Hansen. In March 2019, the business was divided between the founders and David and Brigit Kirk continue to own and manage the NZPH business.  NZPH breeds and produces young sport horses on Okawa Station in Hawkes Bay. Young horses are generally sold before their third birthday. All NZPH horses are for sale.  The iconic European stallions of the 20th century are represented in the broodmare bloodlines, including Mr. Blue, Jalisco B, I Love You, Abdullah, Gemini, Kannan, Calvaro Z, Le Tot de Semilly and Quidam de Revel.  NZPH works with GFE (Groupe France Elevage) in Normandy, France, to source frozen semen from the very best stallions in Europe.

Episode 9: Neil and Mark Gardyne Aeronavics

Aeronavics Ltd is a world-class designer and manufacturer of Aerial Robotics. Their mission is to change the way the world works through sustainable, intelligent aerial robotics - aiming to increase efficiency, lower cost and increase safety in the industrial and professional market. Based in New Zealand, Aeronavics exports world-wide.  Tailored applications include media and broadcasting, surveying and mapping, horticulture and precision agriculture, emergency services, and industrial inspections.

Episode 10: Grow Rotorua

Grow Rotorua Ltd’s prime purpose is driving the implementation of Grow Rotorua Ltd’s role as identified in the Rotorua Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy (RSEGS). This includes to:   

·         Understand the Rotorua economic investment opportunities for the following sectors

o    Forest industry

o    Tourism

o    Geothermal and other sources of renewable energy

o    Agriculture (including land‐use management/change)

·         Within each of the above sectors:

o    Develop logically robust investment value propositions

o    Communicate and promote new propositions to the investment community

o    Facilitate private sector investment

o    Identify and propose solutions for the barriers to creating investment wealth

o    Understand and promote to the local education sector the capability and skills required. 

Episode 11: Tihoi Venture School – Part 1 & 2

Part 1   

Part 2   

Tihoi Venture School is New Zealand’s only 18-week back-to-basics outdoor programme designed specifically for St Paul’s Collegiate School Year 10 boys. Students experience academic, social and outdoor challenges that help them to become independent, resilient and self managing.