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    George the Farmer is a fictional character featured in a series of books and educational resources.

    His story began in 2012 when founder, South Australia-based farmer Simone Kain, was trawling the internet looking for farming books and apps for her farm-obsessed son, George. Simone quickly discovered there wasn't a human farming character globally who was telling sequential stories about life on the land for children.

    In 2014, the George the Farmer book and educational resource series was officially born and over the last nine years more than 100,000 Aussie kids have connected to the earth, food and farm through the adventures of George the Farmer, his agronomist wife, Dr Ruby and their twin children, Lucy and Jack.

    There are currently 7 resources on Apples, Dairy, Crayfishing, Wool and Wheat, Peas, Sustainable Forestry and Plantation Forestry. 

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