What will Agribusiness in Schools look like?

The intent of the new agribusiness teaching and learning programmes is to attract the brightest and the best students into careers in Agribusiness up to and beyond the farm gate through teaching achievement standards of academic rigour at Levels 2 and 3 NCEA that incorporate both agri-science and agri-business concepts and knowledge.

Every teaching and learning unit of work associated with the achievement standard will incorporate both agri-science and agri-business aspects.

St Paul's Collegiate School’s initial gap analysis cross the current subject areas identified a number of key aspects important to the agribusiness sector which are missing. The gaps in agribusiness content knowledge and skills form the basis of the proposed agribusiness courses under four strands; Agriscience, Agri-innovation, Agri-management and Finance and Agrimarketing with underpinning concepts of Future Proofing, Innovation and Growing Value.

The courses are a combination of new achievement standards and repurposed standards, in addition to a number of standards from existing learning areas that have been re-contextualised. The new standards will be fully resourced for schools and will be trialled by ten lead schools in 2017.

A key focus will be on educating students about possible career pathways and opportunities within the agricultural science and agribusiness sectors.

Last modified: Saturday, 20 August 2016, 5:49 PM