Agribusiness Examples 2020 PPT

Lesson Starters for Agribusiness
PPT Created by Leeann Morgan, Hamilton Boys High School.
These slides cover over 100 Agribusinesses, each Agribusiness has a few slides outlining what the business is, and a video clip or two about the business.
The intent of the power point is to open each lesson throughout the year by showcasing a new Agribusiness. The order the businesses is not necessarily important nor does it need to be specific to the topic you are covering, instead it can be used to introduce the variety of Agribusiness and to start discussions around product, brand recognition, innovation, and marketing.
The PPT also provides the opportunity to highlight the breadth of career opportunities throughout the sector and the scope for diversification and opportunities across the sectors. This in itself can help to dispel the myths and poor perception of the industry and working within it.
If it is possible, bring the product in for students to sample – nothing like tasting or experiencing the product to bring tangible learning experiences into the classroom.